Who the Hell are You?

Hello everyone. My name is Tim Jones and I’m about to start a new blogging journey here on Google’s Blogger. The focus of my blog posts will be on leadership. Now, I know that you are thinking, what the hell do you know about leadership Tim? Truth be told, maybe my knowledge level is a spec above average. I don’t fancy myself a leadership academic nor do I see myself as Lincoln-esque.

What I am is a 47 year old, 20 year police veteran and former US Navy Diver that has paid attention to what works and what does not. I’ve read a few books along the way that have shored up some of my personal theories and have also enlightened me with different perspectives. All in all, my “book-learnin'” and my experience have given me what I feel is a good foundation to discuss leadership. And by experiences, I absolutely mean the mistakes. I’ve always felt that “true” success is built on a foundation of failure. Let me tell you, I’ve had some. But when I did make a mistake, instead of pointing fingers and trying to avoid blame, I owned my mistakes and learned from them. Much of what I will be discussing is based on either my own, or other people’s mistakes. There will be some successes sprinkled about as well.

I love the topic so much, I created a leadership development class for law enforcement. My class focuses on foundations, or the nuts and bolts, of leadership. I created the class with ample amounts of discussion opportunities. In my opinion, it would not be a suitable leadership course if the class did not discuss the ideas or topics that I throw at them. I always take away a few good nuggets of perspective from each class as a result of discussions.

To further introduce myself, I have been married for almost 23 years. I have two children, a cat and a new dog. Given that I still work full-time as a police officer, and I run my training business as well, I do not have much time for hobbies and such. I do play the drums in a dance band called Dance Hall Epidemic (dancehallepidemic.com) on weekends.

Well my friends, that’s me. I look forward to more posts on leadership and I look forward to some discussions with anyone who would want to respond. BTW, my next post will be on the differences between management and leadership…