Training: Basic Death & Homicide Investigations

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Course Description:
The investigation of death is the most important responsibility a police agency can undertake. This 40-hour course will prepare the student to properly investigate all death cases. The focus will be on homicide investigation.

Topics Covered:
• The police role in the investigation of natural and accidental death
• The proper response of uniform officers
• Control and protection of the crime scene
• Suicide investigation
• Receiving the homicide report
• Preparing the police report
• Working with the medical examiner
• Examination of the body
• The “time of death” window
• Blunt force trauma
• Sharp force trauma
• Gunshot wounds
• Asphyxia deaths
• Autoerotic deaths
• Reading the blood scene
• Case histories

Who Should Attend:
Students should be police officers, (uniform or detective), investigators and other authorized officials who are responsible for investigating the death of human beings.

John has conducted classes, lectures, presentations and seminars on death and homicide investigations, criminal investigations, crime scene response, processing and investigation, background investigations, and a variety of other topics for officers and organizations. John has been involved with police training/instructing for over 30 years. He currently teaches the Basic Death & Homicide Investigation all over the country.

John holds a Bachelor of Science degree with honors from the College of Criminal Justice at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. He is also a graduate of the 204th session of the FBI National Academy.