Training: Constitutional Issues For Law Enforcement Supervisors

Dates & Locations (2 Day Course)


“New Britain Class CANCELLED”





This two-day law enforcement training course will be conducted by Sgt. Shaun Santos of the Lowell, Massachusetts Police Department. Sgt. Santos is a longtime narcotics detective, with over 25 years of experience. Sgt. Santos is presently assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Financial Investigations Team (FIT), a unit dedicated to conducting anti-money laundering investigations into transnational criminal organizations. Sgt. Santos is an attorney and veteran instructor who has taught extensively over the last decade to law enforcement officers, risk management professionals, as well as attorneys. Sgt. Santos is a regular instructor at the DEA’s sponsored State and Local School, instructing on the preparation of search warrants and legal issues regarding search warrant execution.

Sgt. Santos has been a featured speaker throughout the United States on various topics ranging from the use of force, constitutional law, law enforcement best practices, conducting narcotics investigations, supervisory issues, the Fourth Amendment, internal affairs, planned protests, and dealing with emotionally disturbed/mentally impaired persons.

Officers who complete this course will be exposed to a rigorous federal constitutional law update, featuring the most recent US Supreme Court decisions which impact law enforcement operations. The constitutional law update serves as a foundation for a real understanding of a supervisor’s (and their respective agency’s) 42 USC s. 1983’s liabilities. Officers will be exposed to agency liability issues regarding customs, practices, rules, ordinances, the failure to adequately train, supervise, and/or discipline. Attendees will receive some real world examples of recent law enforcement incidents and their impact on the officer, their agency, and the municipality in terms of monetary settlements and adverse publicity.