Training: FTO Supervisor Course (SAC)

Dates & Locations

1. NH Fish & Game Class

When: July 25-26, 2024

            8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Where: NH Fish & Game

             11 Hazen Dr, Concord, NH

2. Galveston, TX Class

When: August 22-23, 2024

            8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Where: Galveston Cty Sheriff’s Office

             601 54th St, Galveston, TX




FTO-SAC (Field Training Program Coordinator’s Course) will provide the student with a fundamental understanding of the development, management, and maintenance of a law enforcement agency’s FTO program (FTP). The course will provide students with a leadership block that will enhance their ability to effectively supervise field training officers and trainees. Students will have the opportunity to examine and use the essential forms and processes to positively impact their FTO program and agency. Whether the role as the FTO Supervisor/Coordinator is your primary duty or it is collateral, this course will aid you in updating and strengthening your field training program. (While this course will provide an overview of GSPCC’s FTO Course so that you are familiar with it, this is not a Field Training field supervisor’s course.) FTO-SAC Covers:

  • The components of GSPCC’s San Jose Model FTO Course, certified by IADLEST and the National Certification Program™.
  • Leadership principles applied to the supervision of an FTO program.
  • Forms and practices associated with the San Jose Model Field Training Program.
  • Legal and liability ramifications, including trainee retention and termination vs. resignation, related to maintaining a Field Training Program.

Included NEW to 2023, attendees receive:

  • GSPCC flash drive with all forms, documentation, and templates related to the course and development and updating a Field Training Program
  • *Informal consultation of one of the following areas of your department’s Field Training Program:
    • Department FTP Forms
    • FTO Manual
    • Recruit Training Manual

*Informal consultation is optional and will be scheduled with GSPCC staff. It includes a review and recommendations via email.       


Phillip White is currently the San Jose Police Department’s Field Training Program’s Administrative Officer. His unit coordinates scheduling for over 80 FTOs and between 40 and 65 police recruit trainees while providing professional FTO informational support for agencies across the state and nation. He is a California P.O.S.T. certified Academy Instructor, Scenario Evaluator and Instructor of the California P.O.S.T. approved Field Training Officer’s Course.

Officer White has a B.S. in Criminal Justice and has presented at the National Association of Field Training Officers (NAFTO) national conference and teaches throughout the county, state, and country. An avid sports coach, White holds an M.S. in Exercise Science and an M.A. in Athletic Administration.

White is a USMC veteran having served as an M.P. (MOS 5811) with the 3rd MAW, MCAS El Toro, CA.


Cancellation & Refund Policy

GSPCC has a 10-day cancellation policy. Any cancellations less than 10 days from the class start date will not be refunded. Because seating in our courses can be limited, we ask that all cancellations be made at least 10 days prior to the class start date.

We understand there may be exceptions due to unforeseen serious events. If your cancellation is due to a serious issue and is not within 10 days of the first day of the class, GSPCC staff will evaluate the circumstances and work with you on a refund.