Training: Is the Caller the Killer?

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This course will instruct the attendee on the importance of obtaining and analyzing the 911 call made by individuals during homicides, alleged suicides and alleged accidental deaths. Thirty percent of all murderers call in their own crime pretending to be innocent. The Indicators of Guilt and Innocence will be explained and the class will use tools to analyze actual 911 homicide cases in class.

Tracy Harpster has served as a police officer in Ohio since 1984. He has worked as street officer, undercover narcotics officer, Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Lieutenant and Deputy Chief. In 2006, DC Harpster completed his Master’s Thesis which examined the indicators of innocence and guilt of 9-1-1 homicide callers. This study defined and analyzed the these indicators which ultimately assist investigators in determining offender probability. Deputy Chief Harpster has co-authored the ONLY book on this topic.

Deputy Chief Harpster is a member of the Vidocq Society and has shared his findings at homicide conferences across the country. His research has been used in over 1500 homicide investigations.

This training is specifically designed to educate all criminal justice personnel including Dispatchers, Police Officers, Detectives, Supervisors, Medical Examiners and Prosecutors.