Training: Juvenile Delinquency & Justice in New Hampshire

Dates & Locations

January 24, 2019

Hanover Police Department
46 Lyme Rd
Hanover, NH 03755


This informative, one day class, will greatly assist: Police Prosecutors, Juvenile Officers, Investigators and Patrol Officers that investigate juvenile cases. Attendees of this class will learn the nuances and current issues associated with juvenile cases, as well as working within the New Hampshire Juvenile Justice System. The class will cover:

  • Fundamentals Associated with Juvenile Justice
  • Conducting Juvenile Investigations
  • Delinquency vs. Child In Need of Services (CHINS)
  • The Scope of Officer Authority in Juvenile Cases
  • Secure vs. Non-Secure Detention
  • B-14 Hearings
  • Juvenile Court and the NH Juvenile Probation System
  • Interstate Compacts Dynamics
  • And Much, Much More