COST: $275

Law enforcement professionals routinely interview suspects, victims and witnesses in order to conduct a thorough investigation. An officer's poor approach or lack of preparation can lead to negative results during the interview. GSPCC's interview tactics class is designed to teach you how to properly prepare for an interview, as well as how to utilize a variety of tactics that can greatly assist you with obtaining a better and more truthful dialogue. Being a good interviewer requires you to have a variety of tactics and approaches. Law Enforcement Interview Tactics will help provide you with the tools you need to greatly increase your odds of a positive interview outcome.  

This class will teach you:

Defining Interviews                                                       Good Communication Skills

How We Communicate and Why                               Perception vs. Reality

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication                  Defining Interview & Interrogation

Good and Bad Listener Characteristics                     Bad Habits to Avoid

Characteristics of a Good Interviewer                       Proper Preparation

Room Setup / Background Information                   Interrogation Techniques & Approaches

Miranda: When? Why? Why Not?                             Listening: Active Listening & Passive Listening

Assessing Behavior (Suspect, Witness, Victim)      Confrontations

Guiding Cooperative Encounter                                Truthful Behavior vs. Deceptive Behavior

 Themes and Theme Development                            Handling & Controlling Denials & Objections

Approaching the Breaking Point                                Analogies (More Themes)

Alternative Questions                                                   Getting the Confession

Oral then Written Confessions                                   Breaking Down Suspect                                                   

Subliminal Non-verbal Selling                                   Self Confidence

Resistant Subjects                                                         Selling to their emotions                                                  

Important points                                                           Defense Mechanisms

Stress and Coping                                                         Stress Related to Interviewing

Denial, Repression, Fantasy, Projection, Displacement, Rationalization, Etc.

Adjusting to Life Stresses                                           ​Plus much more

Law Enforcement Interview Tactics