Hosting Opportunies in Vermont: Law Enforcement

Vermont is located in the northeastern United States and is known for its natural, beautiful landscape. Vermont got its name from French explorer, Samuel de Champlain who drew a map that included the area that is now known as Vermont. He labeled Vermont on the map as “Verd Mont” meaning green mountain to label the Green Mountains. 

Vermont is also known for its covered bridges, ski slopes, and maple syrup. Although Vermont is one of the smallest and least populated states in the nation, it still has many popular attractions including national parks, museums, and ski resorts. 


Granite State Police Career Counseling offers hosting opportunities in Vermont! We would love the opportunity to host any of our courses in the beautiful state of Vermont. We offer over 20 different courses for you to choose from. If you choose to host us we’ll offer you three free seats to the course. When we arrive we take care of the administrative work, registrations, and running the course. What we ask of the hosting agencies is to provide us a room to hold the class in as well as provide audio and visual equipment. We also ask that you advertise the course to your department or community. 



If you’re interested in having us, please email Josh Stokel at We have many courses to choose from, so take a look to find the one you think would benefit from the most!