New Hampshire State Law Enforcement Accreditation Consulting

The State of New Hampshire has created the Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission which will allow all NH law enforcement agencies to achieve accreditation at a fraction of the cost compared to CALEA. The commission was created by an executive order of the Governor and provides accreditation standards, conducts assessments, and issues certificates of accreditation for law enforcement agencies.

Granite State Police Career Counseling, a vetted and respected New Hampshire-based law enforcement training company, with over 10 years of professionalism and service to New Hampshire and New England Law Enforcement, is providing consultation services to help get your department over the accreditation finish line.

You do not have to do it alone.

Either as a solo entity or in cooperation with your in-house accreditation/professional standards manager, our accreditation experts will walk you through the process and be available for questions and input throughout.
Benefits of Accreditation:

  • Professional Excellence
  • Reduced Exposure to Lawsuits and insurance Costs
  • Improved Community Relations
  • Improved Government Relations
  • Increased transparency with your community

Consultation Service Costs: $50/hour

Services Include:

  • Assistance with policy creation/policy review for accreditation compliance
  • Collecting and formatting proofs of compliance
  • On the job training for new Accreditation Managers
  • Our mission is to help you achieve accreditation and then self-maintain

What the DOJ says:

“The community benefits when its law enforcement personnel are following standardized policies and procedures that provide efficient, effective, and fair policing. Accreditation of agencies helps to ensure accountability and transparency that can enhance confidence and trust in law enforcement among the communities they serve.”

You do not have to go through the accreditation process alone! Let the professionals at GSPCC help you get ahead of the wave of mandates. Create and implement policies that fit your department and community with guidance from the commission before they create them for your department and employees.

GSPCC’s Accreditation Consultant:

John McGregor

John is a retired Hudson NH Police officer who served as his department’s CALEA Accreditation Manager from 2009-2014.  During that time John became an active member of the Northern New England Police Accreditation Coalition (NNEPAC), and served as the NNEPAC Vice Chair from 2013-2014.  John became a CALEA Assessor in 2013, and upon retirement from the Hudson Police Department in 2014, became an Accreditation Consultant, and has successfully assisted several New Hampshire Police Agencies obtain their initial CALEA Accreditation.