REPORT WRITING 101


“Report Writing 101” is a one-day class designed to teach officers the foundations of preparing a quality report. The class starts with defining a police report and the barriers for proper preparation. Students will learn how to avoid common errors in police reports that lower the quality and efficacy of their written work products.

The class uses examples of properly written reports and provides direction on how to prepare, structure, write and proofread reports. Attendees will improve their ability to write police reports through practical experience. Students will also learn to effectively complete warrants affidavits (search & arrest).

 Target Audience: Newer police officers or officers struggling to produce solid police reports.

Class Outline:

Defining police reports
Why they are crucial to police work
Proper report preparation
Barriers that prevent quality report writing
Consequences of poorly written reports
Foundations of a quality report

     Answers: who, what, when, where, why & how
     Contains ALL contact information
     Uses plain language

Common Grammar mistakes
Descriptive writing (further explained with class exercises)
Documenting Miranda & ALS warnings
More on report structure

     Using headings
     Using bullets

Drafting complaints, warrants (search & arrest) & affidavits (search & arrest)

Prosecutor perspective on police reports

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