Social Media has changed our world in ways not seen since the development of the Internet itself.  It is rapidly becoming the primary means of communication for a large segment of our population and its evolution goes far beyond its original purpose. 

The ability to use Social Media in Law Enforcement can accomplish several tasks for your agency.  Said tasks are - enhance your public image, communicate better with your community, investigate crimes with the help of the public, undercover investigations, and employee background checks.

Section 1:  Developing public social media accounts

This section will cover the topic of building successful Social Media accounts.  We will discuss how to implement a Social Media policy for a public account, as well as how to create a “take down” policy.  We will cover how to make your account a non-public forum and how to verify your accounts with certain networks.

Section 2:  Community Relations

This section will cover how to gain “followers”, “friends”, and “likes.”  We will show you how to build up a strong account base.  We will provide insight as to what you want to post in order to enhance your department’s public image.  You will learn how Social Media provides open communication with the public that can result in information sharing, as well as assistance with identifying crimes and suspects.

Section 3:  Developing Social Media accounts for undercover investigations

This section will cover how to create an effective “undercover” account on certain platforms.  You will learn how some platforms are more effective than others when it comes to undercover investigations.  We will teach you how to build up a strong following while covering how to protect your account from being discovered. 

Section 4:  Other uses for Social Media

This section will cover how to effectively use Social Media while conducting background investigations.  It will also cover departmental policy regarding personal Social Media usage.  Also covered under this section will be cautionary tales, certain do’s and don’ts, as well as legal requirements.