“I just wanted to reach out and let you know that this class was awesome. It’s nice to have a supervisory class that details so much important case law that we deal with often. Shaun was an awesome instructor and full of the needed energy that these types of schools normally need in regards to how to effectively instruct. Thanks again.”

Sgt.John Emerson
Stratham Police Department


“I was very impressed with the knowledge and passion of Phil (Instructor). He is very good at keeping the attention of the class by using multi-media and stories from the job.”

“Phil had excellent command of the subject matter.”

“From this class, I wanted to learn how to teach someone the job, but I walked away with so much more. This class, as well as the instructor, exceeded my expectations.”

“All officers that want to be an FTO need this class.”

“Thanks again for all the great info, your class has definitely played a huge role in the success that I am having as an FTO!!!”

“This was valuable training packed with good material and presented by a great, animated instructor. Not only will it help me be an FTO, but be a better patrolman.”

Great instructor that showed the material in interactive way, allowing for a great learning environment”


“The career counseling workshop was very informational and I found it to be important information that I would benefit from in the future. The officers talked a lot about first impressions and how they can either make or break an opportunity.”
Demesha Donaldson – New England College?

“I now find everyone around me believing in me and it’s about time I believe in myself. Thanks for the motivation everyone, I needed it.”
Greg Sanchez – New England College

“If I had the chance, I would love to do the mock interview once again. This presentation was a great idea and I hope you are able to do that with your other classes because it is very informational.”
Breana Ramirez

“Having GSPCC come in and explain to us the do’s and don’t’s of applying for jobs and interviewing is one of the most helpful things I’ve done yet at NEC. If it were not for GSPCC, I would be 100% lost while walking into a job interview in the future for what could potentially be my dream job as a State Trooper.”
Andrew Haschytz – New England College


“I found the theories and concepts of this class very helpful. I liked that the instructors used videos, real life examples and encouraged participation. Thank you!”
– Anonymous

“I was assigned to this course due to my recent move to acting sergeant. I had no pre-conceptions about the training. I really enjoyed the material. As a new supervisor, I found the training relevant and helpful. Thank you for your time this week”.
Pat Mulcahy

“I go to a lot of training. This is the first that focused primarily on leadership. The material was presented in a very engaging and informative manner. Class was inspirational and will be recommended by me for future supervisors.”
Ben Adams

“[the class] was very interactive, which is great for participation. Subject material was right on. Thank you for a great class”
– Anonymous

“Tim and Joshua were excellent instructors. I took this class to improve my abilities to become a supervisor in the near future. They both covered topics I hoped they would and opened my mind to new ideas. I would be honored to attend another class by this agency”
– Tilton Police Dept.

“Class was excellent and helpful, clearly explaining leadership fundamentals. Both instructors knew “their stuff”. The breakout teams provided excellent conversation pieces and interaction. Class participation was a positive attribute for everyone to see and hear different points of view”
– Anonymous

“This class has helped me with [my] negativity. I have been a negative worker/leader and this class has helped me realize what it does to co-workers and how I can fix it”.
– Anonymous

“I think this is a great class and it has so much value…I will be sure to promote this program to others in my agency”
– Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

“The evaluation section was very helpful and I will attempt to make some changes as suggested from this class”
– Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office

“I liked the smaller size class setting. It gives more ability for classroom interaction. We are all working towards a common goal and it was interesting to hear how others deal with leadership issues.”
– Litchfield Police Department

“I just wanted to say that your class was the best leadership class I have taken since becoming a Sergeant (over 4 years).  I have attended a 3 day Sergeant’s Leadership Course (Jim Jordan’s course) as well as a 2 week First Line Supervisor Course at Roger Williams University and I will say that I got more from your class than both of those combined.”
– Babson College Police Department


This was an email I received from a patrol officer that took our promotion seminar:


Great news! Two days ago I received word that I am being promoted effective April 2nd, 2017. I beat out a total of four other candidates for the position. I have been promoted to Corporal, which in our department is like being a Sergeant at any other department.

The oral board consisted of 3 members. 2 Sergeant’s from local departments and the Sheriff from an adjoining county. According to them I “knocked it out of the park”  during my oral board interview.

I found your section on conducting the oral board extremely helpful and I spent a lot of time practicing questions and thinking what they might ask me.

I already have told my Supervisors how great your classes are and that you are a great instructor. I have encouraged other officers to attend your seminars.

Do you plan on ever coming to Vermont to teach or just visit? Is there anything else I can do to help you in terms of reviews or recommendations?


It is here ladies & gentlemen! Joshua and Tim now have a podcast?. Simply click the image above or go to:

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