The Police and The People Podcast


The Police and The People Podcast is hosted by Timothy Jones & Joshua Stokel

Creating a better understanding of what the police do and why they do it. This podcast will also touch on leadership issues, current police issues and the hosts will answer questions from listeners. This podcast will also bring in guests to discuss current police issues and how they impact the citizens they serve.

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Episode #20: Police Ethics & Leadership and We Answer a Question

What this episode covers:
1. Police Ethics & Leadership – Police Officers get frustrated when witnesses to crimes won’t step up and help find the criminals – BUT, many cops do the same thing when other cops cross the line.
2. What is the difference between a “Civil Matter” and a “Criminal Matter”.

But first:
o   GSPCC – WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO – We want to enhance the careers of law enforcement & corrections officers everywhere.
o   HOW – competitive hosting agreements, instructors that are experts in their fields,
o   WHAT WE OFFER ……next class dates, hosting opportunities, leadership consulting
o   Lucas’s business
o   Any true sponsors


Episode #19: Stockdale Paradox

What this episode covers:
Josh explains and discusses what Stockdale Paradox is.
Question: Can a police officer search my stuff without my permission?

Episode #18: Interview With Michael Wood Jr (Retired Baltimore Police)

What this episode covers:
Interview with Michael Wood Jr, retired from the Baltimore Police Deptt.

Episode #17: Getting A Criminal Justice Job

What this episode covers:
Interview with Professor Frank Jones and CJ student Kyle Mansone of New England College. We discuss the Criminal Justice Test Prep Workshop that we run for NEC Criminal Justice students. For information on the Criminal Justice Test Prep Workshop, go to, or email Tim at

Episode #16: Interview with LT. Chad Shevlin & a Management Nugget

What this episode covers:
1.  Interview with LT Chad Shevlin of the Raymond (NH) Police Department
2.  Management Nugget – A discussion on Strategic Planning, specifically SWOT Analysis

Episode #15: Good Leaders Train!

What this episode covers:
1. Leadership Nugget
2. T value of learning/training he– being a student of the game
3. What’s Buggin’ Josh


Episode #14: Questions & Police – The Light in the Darkness

What this episode covers:
1. More police questions
2. Josh and Tim will talk about some of the current issues facing law enforcement today, such as water being thrown on NYC police officers, Starbucks, etc.


Episode #13: Answering Police Related Questions & What’s Buggin’ Josh

What this episode covers:
1. We are answering all kinds of questions. You got questions, we’ve got………….responses.
2. What’s Buggin’ Josh


Episode #12: Interview with Pat McNamara of TMACSINC  

What this episode covers:
1. Today’s show will be an interview with Pat McNamara. Pat is a retired Army SF. He owns & operates TMACS, Inc Training company. He also hosts The University of Badassery Podcast with C. J. OrtizBut.


Episode #11: Interview with Rogers Johnson of the Seacoast NAACP

What this episode covers:
1. Interview with ROGERS JOHNSON, President of the Seacoast NAACP in NH